Barbara Christensen
Barbara Christensen
Creator of Paleo Vegeo & Ketolicious Reset, NTP, CA, CPT, CRM

My name is Barbara Christensen, I'm a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, Certified Personal Trainer and Certified Aromatherapist (among other things), on a path to enlighten you with the power of plants in all facets of your life. I am the author of 'Nourished In 30' the Paleo Vegeo Plan & 'Exploring Aromatherapy', over at Amazon. 


I thrive to share my natural plant infused paleo style of living and what I have found is connected to all of us within my practice for many years.  I like to biohack and upgrade my lifestyle using plant based foods (vegetables, fruits, berries and omegas) with myself, my family and in my practice for the emotional and physical shift they offer, and because of the science and biology that backs up using dense micro-nutrients. Over the last four years I have found that micro-nutrients facilitate body processes and is one of the biggest opportunities we have to simply create a body shift quickly. In today’s world not every plant is created equal or in equal soil. What we eat, is who we are. Like the plant, we require nourished roots.

I hope to introduce you to some information about the properties of fruits and vegetables on this journey, and perhaps you will find the power of plants in your own life. Once you become addicted to the natural high you get from feeding your microbiota correctly, it will become part of the path that you will never look back on without a smile. Plants are amazing. The ability to create our bodies from these beautiful plants is just the beginning, and the possibilities are endless.

When we connect the foods we eat, and the foods we supplement we can create a synergy in our being that is what I call elevated nutrition. If this resonates with you now, then you are in the right place.

I call myself an Energy Creation Coach

I am the Creator of the Paleo Vegeo Lifestyle and the Ketolicious Reset.
I use a protocol I created called PhysioEQ and bring together Nutrition, Aroma, & Frequency biofeedback to offer you the life you crave. Let me ROCK your world & change the way you feel about food, your body & your future!! Life is energy, and whatever weaves through it... it’s all connected.

Choices are the secret to the most incredible life you never thought possible. Choices allowed me to take the SAD stupidity of food, and turn it into a creation promoting a plant based lifestyle that sparks energy and joy all around the globe. Currently I work with individuals that are looking for a way to create their own change and shift their energy. Sometimes it’s via energy work, sometimes it’s holistic/nutritional coaching, and sometimes it’s to help them attain their Beach Money, which just means getting paid over and over again for working one time. It sets you free on this earth and there's nothing else like it, except a sweet hemp milk matcha green tea latte. I’ll take both, please.

❤❤ Barbara Christensen



Find what nourishes you best. Don't listen to what works for me, listen to your own body. Find your own nutritional truth. I started this page as support because paleo and vegan was not even conceptualized. That's what I was, and had no resources. I'm so grateful that this page has grown to support so many of you, and that so many of you have become my dear friends. 

I'm always here if you need anything, and don't be afraid to reach out. I am a holistic coach with a diploma in nutrition, and offer you and my clients whole foods supplements, and teach the joy of the year round urban gardening along with my Nourished Warrior Tribe, and would love to have you join me. 

From the traditional SAD life, to the happy Paleo Vegeo Mama seeking Nutritional Personal Truth, I love the journey... I hope you'll love yours!! I am still learning, there is an ebb and flow that naturally happens, and as I am now at that hormonal flux in my life it's like learning all over again what works. So just know that you are always changing, always learning. And there is no simple answer to what is your nutritional truth, but there is a joy in finding it.

Start with my free Paleo Vegeo 5 Day, and see what possibilities start to open up. 


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