Nourished Little Munchkins with Ana-Maria Janes
Nourished Little Munchkins with Ana-Maria Janes
Baby and Kids Holistic Nutritionist + Picky Eating Coach

Hey! I’m Ana!


I’m a Baby and Kids Holistic Nutritionist + a Picky Eating Coach, but my most important role, is that of a mommy to my two toddlers (both boys).


I work with parents who have babies & kids with feeding challenges using the SOS Approach to Feeding.


I was also a child picky eater … and not only do I get YOU as a mom, but I also know what your little munchkin is feeling and thinking.


Combined with my studies as a holistic nutritionist, my training in feeding therapy, and my real life experience, I have a very unique approach to feeding your little ones.


You see, growing up I was a very picky eater. If it didn’t look right, smell right, feel right it just was not going into my mouth.  I later learned I was a supertaster, which basically means I have more tastebuds and taste everything (especially bitter) more intensely.  


Mehhhh, what a crappy superpower :/.  It took me a long time to accept it and work with it.  When I was ready to start a family, I finally had the motivation I need to make changes.

If you are looking for a gentle, logical, and nourishing approach to helping your child eat new foods, I have created the I ❤️ Mealtime Club.  Enrollment is not always open.  You can get notified here and sign up for the 5 Day Picky Eating Email course at the same time.


And if you're wanting to be part of a community where we chat about different ways we nourished our little munchkins, hop inside the Baby and Kids Facebook Community!


Let's #rockmealtime again!




PS.  I thought you might want some resources on feeding kiddos.



Do you ever wish you were inside your child’s brain because you just don’t get why all of a sudden their moods at mealtimes change faster than a cornered chipmunk ...

The 5 Day Picky Eating Email Course is packed with insights in understanding your child’s behaviors at mealtimes and what to do about them.



Inside “My top 10 tips to help your picky eater … eat”, you’ll find the must-have strategies to have in place at mealtimes.


There’s lost there to get you started in helping your child eat veggies, meats, or healthier version of existing favorites. These two posts are especially helpful:


→ How Cognitive Leaps will Help you Choose the Right Feeding Strategy for your Child…/

→ Why Your Toddler is Not Eating…/


#4 ENROLL IN THE I ❤️ Mealtime Club.

Join me as each month we work on adding a new food to your child's safe food list!






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