Alka Chopra
Alka Chopra
Nutrition made simple

Do you struggle with what to cook daily? Have very little cooking skills? Confused about what to eat? Find yourself preparing and eating the same meal everyday. Boring isn't it? Find yourself eating takeout 4 days/week? You need someone who can guide you in the right direction! Someone who can teach you simple sustainable strategies so you do not have to stress over your daily meals. Well, you are in the right place, my friend. This is exactly what I do! I help people plan meals and make healthier choices with very simple and sustainable strategies. I am Alka Chopra, a Registered Dietitian and Certified Diabetes Educator. My belief "If nutrition is not simple and practical, it is not done". I have helped hundreds of people achieve their health and nutrition goals by teaching them simple strategies to prepare daily meals and improve their nutritional status. When you know what exactly is going into the food you are eating your health improves big time. Getting daily nutritionally balanced meals on the table should not be as hard as it sounds. You can quickly put together a meal with simple ingredients. When I am not helping my clients with their health and nutrition needs you can find me hunting for a creative art project to work on. I simply love arts and crafts. I also believe that there is very strong connection between health, the arts and crafts. When I am crafting or painting I am at much peace with myself and that gives me the energy and motivation to keep on moving ahead in life. I make handmade bath and beauty products, I paint and also teach painting, make my own jewelry (and sometimes for friends and family), make mosaic projects. On another note I also meditate daily for about 15-20 minutes. This is a new practice that I have recently adopted. And, let me tell you it is so rejuvenating. This practice has increased my ability to focus on my work and all things important too me.


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