Do you have clients who are athletes and are looking for a comprehensive food-based athletic performance program for them? Meal Garden's Athletic High-Performance Nutrition Program is tailored for both high endurance athletes or for resistance training athletes. It gives your clients the opportunity to be successful in the kitchen as well as the gym.  

Why Nutrition is Important for Athletes

We designed this program to help provide athletes with the necessary tools to make simple, but effective changes in their nutritional habits, behaviors, and choices. The success of an athlete depends largely on what the body is able to do.

As health professionals, we know that nutrition is top-notch when it comes to athletic performance as nutrition plays a key role in helping the body to function at the highest level possible by providing it with the nutrients required for energy production, recovery, healing, and adaptations to training stress. 

Without proper nutrition, the body is missing a vital component when it comes to high levels of athletic performance. Simply put, without the right fuel, the body has very little chance of functioning at a high level. If your client is not recovering, they will not be maximizing their training results and are more likely to be limited by fatigue. Unlike training which can take weeks, months, and even years for adaptations to have an impact on performance; nutrition can immediately improve the body’s ability to move and function. For this reason, what you do from a nutritional standpoint on a day to day basis can truly mean the difference between being successful or not; between making the team or not; between being injured or not; between scoring 10 or 20 goals. With athletes, radical changes in body composition and performance can happen by following small daily steps.

Our team, who are experts in the sports nutrition field, have brought to you the latest research in nutrient timings, hydration, and more. The articles, meal plans, and recipe collections in this program will not only help your client be a better athlete, but also improve health, mental focus, energy levels, and recovery time. The best part is that your client can start applying them immediately.

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