Everyone wants to be that person that never gets sick. The one at the office who somehow skips out on the plague that's traveling from cubicle to cubicle, or the one that doesn't come down with a cold or flu even when their entire family falls victim. How do they do it? 

Your lifestyle can affect how well your immune system can protect you from germs, viruses, and chronic illness. The idea of being able to do certain activities or eat something specific to support your immune system so that you can become an illness-fighting ninja sounds incredibly enticing.  With Covid-19 still a threat and the flu, common cold, and even allergy season, etc., you want to make sure your immune system is ready to mount a strong defense to keep you from getting sick. The Immune System Support Program will help provide you with resources, a meal plan, and recipe collections so you have the knowledge needed to build a strong defense about germs, dust, and bacteria.

Inside the Immune System Support Program, you will find: 

  1. 5 Supplements to Support your Immune System handout
  2. Antioxidants: Eat all Your Colors Handout
  3. How does the Immune System Work handout
  4. 7 Day Vegan Immune Support Meal Plan
  5. 25 Breakfast Ideas Made with Less than 5 Ingredients
  6. 25 Immune Supporting Dinner Ideas
  7. 28 Plant-Based Lunches to Support your Immune System
  8. Easy On-The-Go Immune Support Snacks