Mindful eating is so much more than eating what you want or crave. There's a common misconception that intuitive or mindful eating means eating sweets when you feel like it and giving in to the emotions that food bring.

Mindful eating is learning how to understand your emotions attached to your food choices so that you can eat with purpose, pleasure and find the foods that work with your unique bio-individuality.

Our Mindful Eating Program cultivates awareness as a way of life and is an approach designed for those who: 

  • Are chronic dieters
  • Have struggled with their weight
  • Have tried all the "latest and greatest" fads and gimmicks
  • Need to understand how to listen to their bodies and the emotions attached to their food choices
  • Want to learn more about self-care

Using the principles of mindfulness, you'll learn to recognize what triggers your eating. Participants learn to recognize the difference between physical and non-physical hunger and how to cope in a healthy way with both.

Inside The Mindful Eating Program, you will find:

  • 10 Ways to Practice Mindful Eating (article)
  • 20 Breakfast Ideas Ready in Under 15 Minutes Recipes
  • 15 Simple and Light Lunchtime Meals Recipes 
  • 20 Satisfying Snacks and Treats Recipes 
  • Nourishing Dinner Ideas Recipes