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NEW! Nourishing Noms Meal Planning and Recipes for $17.00 USD per month

Ever stare blankly at your grocery list, with no clue what to cook for dinner??

This is the biggest issue I hear as a Holistic Nutritionist! You know you need to eat vegetables and drink water, but how to curate that into a sustainable, simple lifestyle week-by-week seems light-years away.

It may sound silly, but you just aren’t sure how that translates into what meals to cook for the week.

It’s not silly at all, and more people are struggling with this than you imagine.

That’s exactly why I created my Nourishing Noms Meal Planning Membership.

In this program, we go over the exact equation needed to create a meal planning system that you can duplicate week after week (without eating the same things week after week!) so that you no longer overwhelmed by this.

For just $27/month, You Get:

+Access to my Nourishing Noms Meal Planning Platform-forget endlessly searching for recipes all over the internet- you'll have all your favorite collections in ONE place. Plan out your week, autogenerate your grocery list and SAVE TIME.

+A Meal Planning Assessment- share your preferences, needs and goals with me.

+A curated recipe collection created by a Holistic Nutritionist- based on you assessment, I will create a personalized collection- just for you!

+An easy to use app to access your autogenerated grocery list- No more forgetting it at home!

+A Private Facebook Community with regularly added recipe collections you can add to your own Nourishing Noms Library, frequent videos and LIVE Q & A's to assist in meal planning and optimizing your nutrition, plus so much more! 

You may cancel anytime. Please email me at, or message me to cancel. I request it be done at least 15 days prior to the next automatic payment. Once canceled, you will be removed from the Nourishing Noms data base and Private Facebook Group. 

Enroll Today for the EARLY BIRD PRICING! 

ONLY $17/month!!!