14 Day Whole-Food, Plant-based Challenge

This 14 Day Whole-Food, Plant-based Challenge is a 2-week meal plan with handouts and recipe collections that focuses on cooking and eating real food in order to feel great. 

This challenge follows basic nutrition guidelines - non-processed food, contains no added sugars - with easy-to-follow recipe instructions. The essence of eating whole foods is consuming and preparing food in its most natural form using simple ingredients in a nutritionally balanced way. It encapsulates mindful eating. It means shopping with a conscience, choosing organic when possible, and getting plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables. Most important, it's all about eating super-healthy food that leaves you feeling happy and energized.

The "14 Day Whole-Food, Plant-based Challenge" Includes: 

  • 2 meal plans: plant-based Mediterranean meals, and Vegetarian Budget-Friendly Allergy Free. 

  • 3 recipe collections: including 12 Plant-Based Sides & Snacks, 15 Energizing Plant-Based Breakfasts, and 20 Easy Plant-Based Lunch & Supper Ideas.

  • 6 dietitian-created resources, including 12 tips for healthier eating, healthy tips for dining out, how to read a nutrition facts label, and much more.