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Anti-Inflammatory Nutriton plan

Anti inflamatory nutrition plan provides neccesary nutritents and meals to soothe inflamation in a body.

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Vera Clinic
Vera Clinic
Whole food nutritionist

I strongly believe that nutrition advice should be based on the latest scientific research to give you the best chance possible to stay healthy. 

My focus is on ensuring you have balanced meals that include all food groups. I firmly believe that everyone needs real foods to fuel themselves for every day tasks, recreational sport, training and competition.

Food should be enjoyed by everyone, including kids, elderly and athletes! Whether it’s a snack, or a meal, I will make practical suggestions that you’ll love.

Vera has a Bachelor's degree in Regeneration and nutrition in sport from Masaryk university in Czech republic where she started her career as a Nutritionist and Massage therapist in 2009. Her close cooperation with ANABELL, non profit organisation, led to getting involved in the project “Nutritional education for pre-schools and elementary schools” to educate kids and teachers in healthy living and eating. Vera worked as a lecturer at Nutrition workshops for the corporate and public sector, as well as she was coaching  at Weekend Healthy Cooking classes. She also partnered with several sport clubs as a Massage therapist and Sports nutritionist. 

She says: " I am passionate about nutrition and health and committed to working alongside my clients every step of the way."


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