Batch Cooking Made Easy

The idea here is to make a few batch ingredients that you can repurpose as different meals throughout the week. A genius way to save time and still eat well!

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Lettuce, butterhead (Boston)

3 large leaf


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use leftover Mexican rice to stuff peppers

Green bell pepper

1 medium pepper(s)


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Heather Hughes
Heather Hughes
IIN Integrative Health Coach

Heather Hughes is an Integrative Health and Wellness coach. She specializes in helping her clients find solutions that are individualized to their specific needs and health issues. Heather is inspired to help others fall in love with themselves again

When she was struggling with weight, poor nutrition, and depression, Heather felt unprepared for the onslaught of emotions that caused her weight and moods to fluctuate dramatically. After “trying” many diets and counseling, she decided that it was time to “figure-it-out”. She quickly discovered that there are no one-size fits all solutions and that each person's body and experience require a solid understanding of different approaches that can be applied individually. Her personal journey to health and wellness inspired her to become a certified health coach so she could help others.


Heather uses a bio-individuality approach in her coaching practice that looks at primary and secondary foods.  To find out more about this – schedule a FREE coaching call today and find out how you can unleash your “inner warrior”!  Click Here to schedule your first free coaching call!


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