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Batch Cooking Made Easy

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The idea here is to make a few batch ingredients that you can repurpose as different meals throughout the week. A genius way to save time and still eat well!


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Lettuce, butterhead (Boston)

3 large leaf


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use leftover Mexican rice to stuff peppers

Green bell pepper

1 medium pepper(s)


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Sue Wammes
Sue Wammes
BA Kin, Wellness Coach, Precision Nutrition Level 2 Coach, CSEP-PT

I was one of those mothers who naturally stopped taking care of herself once her kids came along...


It took me a long time to realize that when I felt unhappy, it actually was because I was not healthy. 

I even started to wonder if my kids would see me as a good role model ... no matter how unhealthy I became or no matter what age I was.  Somehow I instinctively knew that if I didn’t start taking better care of myself,  how could or would I be a good teacher of an "eat well, live well, be well" mantra?    

I started with weight training & a burning desire to learn lots about the human body.  To my shock, I was accepted as an adult student at The University of Western Ontario for entrance into a Kinesiology degree, the study of body mechanics (and all things related to the body)!  I also revamped my nutrition knowledge by taking courses and steadily became "that kind of trainer" who focused only on THE best and safest exercises for my clients.  It was my goal to empower many women to feel confident (and strong) in the gym ... and when that happened to them it felt REAL good to me!

However, it puzzled me when my own beliefs about "out-training a bad diet” where proven wrong as my client's results would come to a complete halt.  Surprisingly, I was not alone in this belief.  My clients were doing ALL the work in the gym but yet they still required better body composition results.  Hmmm, but how could this be?     

I've now come to realize that in today's hyper-connected world, it feels like we are bombarded with seemingly overnight success stories. I too can recall overwhelming feelings of NOT knowing where to start with nutrition and the mistake of believing in shortcuts.

I personally have gone through the EXACT same 1-year program that I now coach my clients through.  It certainly taught me lots about nutrition and by keeping it 'slow & simple'.  Start with just one strategy or 'habit' and then every other week add in 1 more.  That made it all do-able AND successful results finally started to show.   

By the end of the year I had learned (and more importantly practiced) 24 skills regarding nutrition, exercised regularly enough to look healthier and was able to better understand my thoughts/feelings by reading the daily lessons.  All of this would not have been possible without the support of my coach throughout the ups and the downs that come with carving out a healthier lifestyle change.  (Thanks Coach Krista!!)

Today I know that in order to be healthy it must be built from the inside out ... meaning food first and exercise next.  In a nutshell, the quality of both of those things must be high and must be consistent enough in order for change to occur.  Therefore today, I'm a Mom who knows she's the healthiest, the happiest and the most confident I've ever been - 'thriving versus just surviving' - alongside a husband & four grownup kids (ages 19-26). 

Over the last 16 years, I’ve been slowly (& unknowingly) transitioning from just being a personal fitness trainer to a role favouring my truest calling ... being THE BEST supportive wellness coach who's ready to guide you in transforming to  'live healthier, be happier and feeling wonderful'

If you are ready to create your story of change then contact me today! 

Or just join my Sue Wammes Wellness Page for updates. 


With love and empowering you to live a 'NEW YOU' life!

Coach Sue

 P.S. If you would rather jump onto a phone call to chat, here's a link for Your FREE 45 min Transformation Call


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