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Family Meal Plan week 5 Adina

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please use full fat yogurt for Eva




1 medium

Baguette, French bread

1 large slice


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1 clementine(s)

Brown rice, long-grain, cooked

1 cup


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Health Rating


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you do not have to use gluten free pasta

Cherry Tomatoes

0.50 cup


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Frozen green peas

0.50 cup


2 tbsp

Feeding Bytes
Feeding Bytes
Registered Dietitian, mom of 3, founder of

I am Natalia Stasenko, Registered Dietitian, child feeding expert and mom of 3.

My passion is helping busy parents so their kids get the best nutrition and build a great relationship with food.

I believe that in order to improve health of our future generations every family should have access to the best advice on feeding children. It has to be practical, easy to follow and focus on building confidence in parents instead of triggering panic, guilt and shame.

I started specializing in child nutrition because, as someone who is obsessed with food, it was all I could think about after I started having kids. Feeding kids including starting solids and feeding problems is what I’ve been studying, researching, writing and speaking about for the last 10 years. I worked with hundreds of families privately, through federal programs and via my online classes.

And all of this while making meals for my own family of 5. Every. Single. Day.

I am currently building a membership site for parents, so we can all hang out in a safe 100% judgement free space, chat about the ups and downs of feeding our little monsters and learn a lot from each other and our team of experts.

Without anyone wagging a finger or making us feel like bad moms.

To be the first to find out once it is up and running, jump on my email list. I will also send you my list of Top 6 Nutrients for Children and How to Help Them Get Enough (Even if they are picky).

You are also welcome to join a FREE Facebook group I am running with my partner-in-crime and a super talented dietitian, Adina Pearson.

Or, if starting solids with a baby is on top of your mind right now, grab this list of 65 Whole Food Finger Food Ideas or get the whole system of Starting Solids:The Stress Free Way that includes printables with texture timelines, sample meal plans and schedules and 50+ meal ideas and simple recipes for your baby and the whole family. 

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