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Delicious simple recipes from the Genuine Health Learning Centre. cooking with some of their most popular products!

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Health Rating


Pasta, fettuccine, whole grain, dry

4 oz


Health Rating


Health Rating


Health Rating


Health Rating


Whole-wheat cracker, low sodium

30 gm


1 small


Tortilla chips

30 gm

Pico de gallo

0.33 cup


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Genuine Health
Genuine Health
Our aim is simple: To help you love how you feel.

Our Story

Live your life in BOLD

More than just words, this is Genuine Health’s truth.

You may be surprised. You may not recognize that as being who we are. But it is and always has been. We’ve come to the realization that our greatest ambition is to be who we already are; and we are celebrating with a renewed manifesto and a bold new look this fall.

Like you, we are driven by relentless curiosity. We are seekers for a better way.

This passion has fueled our mission to be leaders, to be instigators of change. We know there is a better way and we will stop at nothing to uncover it. To attain the ultimate truth, the ultimate knowledge, which will serve the ultimate purpose: to change the way people are nourished.

We believe every human being not only deserves this, but can also achieve it. There is a better way and it is within your power.

Genuine Health is possible!


Our Founder

Our Founder

Stewart Brown, Genuine Health's Founder and President.

With the help of a naturopathic doctor, Stewart overcame chronic migraines and improved his overall health by changing his diet and adding all-natural supplements. Since then, he's been committed to helping others achieve optimum health.

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