Prepared by Lauren Hess

Healthy Gallbladder & Liver Program

This program is perfect for those diagnosed with gallstones or fatty liver. It focuses on high-fiber, low bad fat and liver supporting food.

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Lauren Hess
Lauren Hess
Body Positive Holistic Nutrition

Find authentic love for your body and yourself! 

‚ÄčI practice a body positive approach to health and wellness. There are no cleanses here- simply an uplifting and nourishing approach to wellness that centers on you feeling full and thriving. You will find recipes that focus on real whole foods, simple instructions and healthy takes on classic favorites!

I love to work with people of all health levels, but I particularly love helping beginners, people with digestive issues and nutrition post alcohol or drug addiction recovery.

Health looks and feels different for everyone. I believe in developing a healthy relationship with food and movement to find a balance that works for you! 

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