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Anti-Inflammatory diet high in monounsaturated protective fats and low in LDL and damaged fats. The goal is to improve nutrient density, anti-oxidant foods that are heart healthy and protective. No processed foods or refined carbohydrates.

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Mosadi Brown
Mosadi Brown
Preventing disease with nutrition one step at a time

My Background

Mosadi  Brown, BA, BASc, MEd, RD, CDE is a Registered Dietitian in private  practice.  Mosadi has an Honors Bachelor of Arts in Kinesiology and an  Honors Bachelor of Applied Science in Food and Nutrition from Western  University.  She went on to complete a Comprehensive Graduate Dietetic  Internship Program from London Health Sciences Centre in London, ON.  After  gaining extensive practice experience Mosadi obtained her Master of  Education in Adult Education with a focus on chronic disease education  and support, in the community.  She holds certifications as a Certified  Diabetes Educator and Certified Craving ChangeTM Instructor.

How I got started

Nutrition and wellness have always been important to me. I began by  pursuing studies focused on nutrition and fitness since these are areas  that I am passionate about in my own life.  I then pursued nutrition for  health and wellness in the community as a basis for my career with the  core of walking the talk which overlaps my personal and professional  life.  As I advanced in my career, I developed extensive practice  experience as a Health Care Provider, Educator, and Facilitator in the  areas of counseling, behaviour change, emotional eating, and education  on a variety of food and nutrition-related topics in community health  and private practice settings.

My approach

As  a Registered Dietitian - Mosadi's focus is on educational and behavioural approaches to support sustainable changes for healthy  eating.  Mosadi specializes in nutrition care for heart disease, weight  loss, weight gain, high blood pressure, dyslipidemia (cholesterol),  metabolic syndrome, emotional eating, gastrointestinal disorders, food  allergies and intolerances, vegetarian diets, sports nutrition,  nutrition for an active lifestyle, group education/workshops/and  seminars, pregnancy (pre and post), management of nutrition-related health problems, diabetes/pre-diabetes/diabetes prevention, and  nutrition for overall health.  Many people know what eat but do  not necessarily do what they know. Through Nutrition and Wellness with  Mosadi consulting - dietitian services are provided addressing person and  family-centred care, group education, support and wellness programs to  address barriers and strategies to overcome barriers to achieve one's  nutrition and wellness goals.  The aim is to aid others in achieving optimal nutrition and health status as well as to prevent  nutrition-related disease.

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