Prepared by Deloris MacNeill

Ketogenic Meal Plan

This meal plan was created for those on the ketogenic diet. This diet consists of high fats, low carbs, and adequate protein amounts.

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Deloris MacNeill
Deloris MacNeill

Deloris is a student in the Holistic Nutrition & Health Coach program with Nutraphoria School of Holistic Nutrition.  She continues to grow and learn with the industry to make a positive impact on people's lives through encouragement and support through lifestyle change rooted in mind, body, and spirit.   As well as being a student in natural nutrition, Deloris is a Well-being Travel Specialist and a Certified Existential Well-being Counselor.  Her focus is on healing relationships, starting with love for one's self, and including one's relationship with food. Please email for a customized meal plan tailored to your specific dietary needs and goals of healing from the inside out.

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