Lean Down Muscle Up

Composed by: Alpha Strong

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Alpha Strong
We create equipment that allows your body to be the machine.
Kathy Hankins brings to the table her years of experience as an owner/trainer of two separate facilities. Her techniques are geared toward training clients in full body movements which engage the heart, lungs and large muscle groups by utilizing kettle bells, clubs, tires, sleds and sand bags. Noting previous disadvantages with other sand bags (such as leaking, ripped liners and handles that were too far apart and difficult to grip), led Kathy to discuss her frustration and launched the Alpha Strong product line in the Winter of 2009. Alpha Strong equipment is exactly what the name implies - strong, functional, versatile, the #1 sandbag/equipment currently available. As a team, Alpha Strong intends to continue building and creating the most innovative alternative fitness equipment for individual fitness enthusiasts, athletes, coaches, trainers, firefighters, police, and armed forces who love to TRAIN. HARD.™ Try our equipment today and see for yourself how much fun working out can be again! To supplement success in the gym, it's also important to eat right, and that's where Meal Garden comes into play. Join our Alpha Strong nutrition team as we walk you through the recipes and meal plans that take your holistic health to whole new heights!


Start Using This Meal Plan
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