Prepared by Nathan Bower

Nate's Kickstart to Healthy Eating Plan


Looking to clean up your diet? This meal plan will help kickstart your health goals with a meal plan that aims to provide 225g protein, 100g carbohydrate and 78g fat.


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Nathan Bower
Nathan Bower
Nate Bower is a certified PTS, boxing instructor and competitive athlete, based out of Toronto Ontario, Canada.

Are you looking to enhance and maintain your fitness and wellness?

Are you unsure of exactly how to combine effective
workouts and nutrition for optimal results?


Don’t worry, you are not alone and I have the solution. 


Welcome to the Nate Bower Fitness nutrition and fitness page.
Here you’ll find a number of nutrition and fitness plans designed
with precision, by myself and a team of nutritionist and dietitians
created for you. The NB Fitness and wellness bundles include
gender and age specific weight-loss and/or maintenance plans
combined with multilevel progressive workouts.


 Eat well. Train effectively. Live better.


These plans include:

Easy to follow workouts

Detailed workout instruction

Individualized nutrition plans

Macro and micro nutrient breakdowns

Grocery lists for recipe preparation


Our detailed yet simple to follow plans are among the easiest you’ll find anywhere. 

Just pick and click to start eating exactly how you should, with the time you have. It’s that simple.


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