Prepared by Lindsey Mashon

Nourishing Postpartum

Nutritional Details

After giving birth, the body is focusing on rebuilding and nourishing your new baby with a strong milk supply. You and baby can both be sensitive to raw vegetables, especially greens, so cooked vegetables are key during the first several months. Snacking is also super important as you are establishing your milk supply, so I have shared several snacks for each of these days.


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Lindsey Mashon
Certified Nutritional Counselor

Hi I'm Lindsey. I am passionate about helping Mamas navigate their post-partum life and bodies. I help them balance their hormones and care for themselves so that they can break free from the anxiety, brain fog, and overwhelm that this time of life so often brings, and can spend their time and energy enjoying their growing family.

I became passionate about food as medicine after using it to overcome my own digestive issues as a teenager, and decided to learn more by becoming certified through Trinity School of Natural Health. My focus shifted to hormonal health, especially post-partum, after the birth of my son in 2016 and everything that brought with it. I believe in educating women about their bodies so that they can make the best health decisions for their own unique families.

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