Prepared by Laurel B. Sakson

6 Weeks to Eating Lean #2

This is your  weekly meal plan for weeks 3-4 of our 6 Week ChallengeThis program is designed to teach you how to eat well consistently. These whole food recipes will keep help you lose weight without severe calorie restriction to keep your metabolism high.

During this period, limit refined foods, sugar and alcohol while increasing intake of lean protein, healthy fats and vegetables/fruit at each meal. Do not worry about the calories as much as your portion sizes, quality of food and fullness cues. 

The plan is designed for one - to feed a family, simply increase the portions!

As always, listen to your body's hunger cues and eat mindfully to 80% full. Some individuals will need an additional snack or extra portions at each meal. This will depend on body size, activity level and goals. Eat every 3-4 hours with your last meal 2-3 hours prior to bed for digestion and max fat burning through the night. 

*Additional snacks if you're hungry should be kept earlier in the day (between breakfast and lunch or lunch and dinner). They should include a lean protein and/or a whole food. Examples: 

  • Fruit & nuts 
  • Fruit & String cheese
  • Raw sliced vegetables (optional hummus or guacamole)
  • Protein shake (low sugar)
  • Protein bar (natural ingredients, low sugar)

Plan ahead and you'll be in control of your choices. Choose to leave a few extra snacks at your workplace or non-perishables in your car/bag for quick and healthy snacks.


Special Instructions: Keep track of your meals and activity level each week then submit via Email to check-in with your coach. You may use a tracking database such as My Fitness Pal, Lose it or Fitbit

If you're new to food tracking or you struggle with consistently tracking, download the app, YouAte. This will allow you to take a picture and make notes at each  meal (big or small).

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