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Laura Del Carmen
Laura Del Carmen
CNP Holistic Nutritionist

Laura helps her clients build optimal health using holistic nutrition and lifestyle changes in a practical and empowering method. She asses each client’s current nutritional and lifestyle status and designs a personalized protocol based on their needs and level of executing nutrition goals. Her passion towards nutrition and wellbeing started back on 2012 when she made the decision to recover from a restrictive eating disorder through a holistic approach. With just 14 years old, she started researching and learning about everything health-related, when she realized how much potential and how much of an impact the daily dietary made in an individual’s life, she made the decision to turn her passion into a career after graduating high school. Within her own food and health journey, Laura is able to help others eat a more conscious, healthy, plant-based and nourishing diet through her private practice and social media. 

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