Amped Up Almond Butter

8 35 172
Ingredients Minutes Calories
Prep Cook Servings
20 min 15 min 30
Amped Up Almond Butter
Health Rating


4 1/4 cup whole Almonds, raw
1 1/2 tsp Cinnamon
1 tsp Vanilla extract, pure
2 tbsp hulled Hemp seeds, shelled
2 tbsp Chia seeds
1/2 tsp Sea salt, fine
1/4 cup Coconut oil (Softened)
1/4 cup Coconut butter (Softened)


1. Preheat oven to 300 F
2. Place almonds on a parchment lined cookie sheet
3. Roast almonds for 18-20 minutes, or until lightly browned
4. Place all but 1/4 cup of roasted almonds in a food processor and grind until fine (5-10 minutes, scraping the bowl often)
5. Add cinnamon, vanilla, chia seeds, hemp seeds and salt and continue to mix
6. Add coconut oil and coconut butter and blend until smooth
7. Coarsely chop remaining 1/4 cup of roasted almonds and gently pulse into almond butter

Nutrition Facts

Per Portion

Calories 172
Calories from fat 130
Calories from saturated fat 31
Total Fat 14.4 g
Saturated Fat 3.5 g
Trans Fat 0.0 g
Polyunsaturated Fat 2.8 g
Monounsaturated Fat 7.2 g
Cholesterol 0
Sodium 36 mg
Potassium 150 mg
Total Carbohydrate 5.2 g
Dietary Fiber 2.9 g
Sugars 1.2 g
Protein 5.2 g

Dietary servings

Per Portion

Meat Alternative 0.6

Energy sources