Avocado Cucumber Egg Salad

6 50 413
Ingredients Minutes Calories
Prep Cook Servings
40 min 10 min 4
Avocado Cucumber Egg Salad
Health Highlights


6 medium Egg (hard boiled)
1 avocado(s) Avocado
1 cucumber(s) Cucumber
1 1/4 cup Mayonnaise, with olive oil
1/4 tsp Paprika, smoked
1 pinch Salt and pepper


  1. Place eggs in a large pot and cover with water. Bring to a boil, then remove the pot from the heat and let sit, covered, for 20 minutes. Drain the eggs.  Add cold water to a bowl.  Add eggs to the bowl and let sit for 10 minutes.
  2. To remove the avocado skin:  Cut into the avocado lengthwise until you hit the pit.  Rotate the knife around the entire pit until you have two halves.  Carefully hit the pit with the knife until it punctures it.  Turn the knife to pop out the pit.  Push a spoon between the avocado and the skin and carve the avocado out of its skin.  Discard the skin.
  3. Peel the cucumber.
  4. Scoop the avocado meat out and place in a medium bowl.
  5. Peel the shells from the eggs and discard the shells.  Dice the eggs into 1 cm cubes. Add to the bowl.
  6. Slice the entire cucumber lengthwise.  Scoop out the seeds.  Dice into 1 cm cubes.  Add to the bowl.
  7. Add the mayonnaise, paprika, salt, and pepper to the bowl.  Blend gently, but thoroughly.

Serve and enjoy!


Nutrition Highlights

  • Eggs are a great source of protein and B vitamins!

Nutrition Facts

Per Portion

Calories 413
Calories from fat 310
Calories from saturated fat 30.0
Total Fat 34 g
Saturated Fat 3.3 g
Trans Fat 0.0 g
Polyunsaturated Fat 7.1 g
Monounsaturated Fat 17.3 g
Cholesterol 286 mg
Sodium 584 mg
Potassium 461 mg
Total Carbohydrate 17.6 g
Dietary Fiber 3.9 g
Sugars 2.0 g
Protein 10.1 g

Dietary servings

Per Portion

Meat Alternative 0.8
Vegetables 1.7

Energy sources


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