Auto-Immune Diet

Most of the recipes are formulated by Dr. Terry Wahls. Her incredibly story took her from wheel-chair bound by MS to hiking, cycling and living an active lifestyle all through eating this way. She is feeding her mitochondria, the energy centre of every cell by giving it the correct ratio of nutrients from vegetables and protein from meat,fish, game and offal along with seaweed and proper fats.

Nicole Nutrition
Nicole Nutrition
Nicole Di Nardo, Registered Holistic Nutritionist

Diets are out. Lifestyle Changes are IN. The key to seeing significant change in your health is FLAVOUR. Your food has to taste good in order to be a sustainable change. It should also make you feel good. Increase energy, better mood, sleep and of course, weight loss. As a registered holistic nutritionist and chef, this is my passion. To help you reach your personal health goals through education, motivation, and delicious food. I'll show you how to indulge and anticipate every meal while loving the effects it has both mentally and physically.