Whole Smoked Mackerel Meal Prep

A great meal prep option that is very economical, high in protein, high in anti-inflammatory omega-3 Fats and fished sustainably.
Prep Cook Ready in Servings
8 min 0 min 8 min 6


1 whole fish Mackerel, smoked


1. Buy a whole smoked mackerel fish. 

2. Peel the skin back on both sides. 

3. Remove the head and cut the fish in half along the spine to create two fillets. 

4. Using a knife and spoon, take of the flesh on the first fillet and put into a clean mason jar (you can chop into smaller pieces). Be careful to remove any bones. 

5. Remove the spine, taking as many bones as possible. 

6. Remove the remaining fillet, taking out the bones and chopping into bite sized pieces. Add to mason jar. 

7. Label the mason jar with the expiry date. Use this a protein topper to sandwiches, pastas, Buddha bowls, salads, eggs etc. 



is rich in Omega 3's, MUFA's and PUFA's and low in saturated fat!