Healthy Oatmeal Power Bars

8 5 348
Ingredients Minutes Calories
Prep Cook Servings
5 min 0 min 16
Healthy Oatmeal Power Bars
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2 cup Rolled oats, dry
1 cup Peanut butter, smooth
1/2 cup Honey
1/2 cup Coconut oil
1 cup Coconut flakes, unsweetened
1 tbsp Chia seeds (optional)
1 tsp Cinnamon (optional)
1 cup Chocolate chips, milk chocolate (optional)


1. Melt peanut butter, honey and coconut oil in a pot on medium heat until fully melted and combined.

2. Add oats, coconut flakes, chia seeds and cinnamon and stir well.

3. Pour into a square pan (8x8) and refrigerate for approximately an hour until hardened.



It is very easy to cut this type of bar with a pastry scraper.

I use one of those for cutting brownies and all types of dessert squares.

Nutrition Facts

Per Portion

Calories 348
Calories from fat 200
Calories from saturated fat 99
Total Fat 22.2 g
Saturated Fat 11.0 g
Trans Fat 0.0 g
Polyunsaturated Fat 2.9 g
Monounsaturated Fat 5.7 g
Cholesterol 2.1 mg
Sodium 86 mg
Potassium 208 mg
Total Carbohydrate 31 g
Dietary Fiber 3.3 g
Sugars 19.3 g
Protein 6.6 g

Dietary servings

Per Portion

Grain 0.4
Meat Alternative 0.5

Energy sources

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