Moroccan Eggplant With Tomatoes

7 35 124
Ingredients Minutes Calories
Prep Cook Servings
5 min 30 min 4
Moroccan Eggplant With Tomatoes
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2 tbsp Canola oil
1/2 cup Cilantro (coriander)
1 tsp Cumin
1 can(s) (16 oz) Diced tomatoes, canned
1 eggplant Eggplant (cubed)
2 clove(s) Garlic (minced)
1 tsp Paprika


Trim ends off eggplant with vegetable peeler or paring knife. Then pare off alternating strips of skin so that eggplant appears striped. Cut eggplant into 1 inch (2.5 cm) cubes.

In medium pan, warm canola oil over medium-high heat. Add eggplant and sauté for 1 minute. Add garlic and sauté 30 seconds. Reduce heat to low and cover pan; sweat eggplant 10 minutes until soft. Stir in cumin, paprika and cilantro and sauté until mixture smells fragrant, about 10 seconds. Stir in tomatoes and bring to a boil.

Turn heat to medium-low and sauté until mixture is thickened and some eggplant is soft and some firm, about 7 minutes. Turn off heat and let mixture sit 5 to 10 minutes before serving to settle the flavours.

Nutrition Facts

Per Portion

Calories 124
Calories from fat 74
Calories from saturated fat 5.3
Total Fat 8.2 g
Saturated Fat 0.6 g
Trans Fat 0.2 g
Polyunsaturated Fat 2.1 g
Monounsaturated Fat 4.6 g
Cholesterol 0
Sodium 163 mg
Potassium 602 mg
Total Carbohydrate 13.3 g
Dietary Fiber 6.9 g
Sugars 4.9 g
Protein 2.7 g

Dietary servings

Per Portion

Vegetables 4.4

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