Top-Notch Tacos

10 6 231
Ingredients Minutes Calories
Prep Cook Servings
5 min 1 min 4
Top-Notch Tacos
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1 cup Walnuts (Raw)
1/2 clove(s) Garlic (Minced)
1/2 bunch Freeze dried green onion (Chopped)
1/2 tsp Lemon juice
2 tsp Liquid aminos (Bragg's)
1 tsp Cumin
1 medium Tomato (Diced)
4 leaf Lettuce, looseleaf
1 pinch Sea salt (to taste)
1 dash Black pepper (to taste)


1. Place walnuts into a food processor until finely chopped
2. Place chopped walnuts into a bowl and add garlic, green onion, lemon juice, Bragg’s Liquid Aminos, and cumin.
3. Mix together well
4. Add sea salt and pepper to taste
5. Place an amount of mixture on a lettuce leaf and top with tomatoes
6. Roll up and enjoy with a smile!



Optional: ¼ c of cooked high quality protein

Nutrition Facts

Per Portion

Calories 231
Calories from fat 179
Calories from saturated fat 16.8
Total Fat 19.9 g
Saturated Fat 1.9 g
Trans Fat 0
Polyunsaturated Fat 14.3 g
Monounsaturated Fat 2.8 g
Cholesterol 0
Sodium 250 mg
Potassium 241 mg
Total Carbohydrate 7.5 g
Dietary Fiber 2.6 g
Sugars 1.7 g
Protein 5.5 g

Dietary servings

Per Portion

Meat Alternative 1.0
Vegetables 0.5

Energy sources

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