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5 Ways to make sure you drink enough!

5 Ways to Make Sure You Drink Enough Water


Whenever I talk to people about how much they are drinking during the day, I hear the same answer:

I know I need to drink more but I always forget. 

Obviously, it is not enough to just remember every once in a while to have a glass of water. We need to get into a habit of drinking regularly.

Water helps to flush toxins out of your body and keeps every part of your body working properly. It keeps your body at the right temperature and helps to prevent kidney stones, constipation and helps with your digestion. So it is safe to say that water is pretty important and we have to make sure that we get enough of it. But how can we help us to remember to drink?

Here are 5 Ways:

Prepare bottles:  Every morning I prepare my bottles of water and store them in the fridge. The first one I take right to my desk and as soon as it is empty I go and get the next one. It is an instant reminder to look at the bottle while working. Make sure you have it somewhere where you can see it and not necessarily where it is convenient. Remember you need to drink!

Fruit infuser water bottles are a great way to make water a little bit more interesting. There are many different kinds available: glass or BPA-free plastic work well. It is important to choose fruit that you love and that makes you want to have more. Change the fruit often so it doesn’t leave an unpleasant taste behind. Fresh taste is key. 

Invest in a nice re-usable bottle. One way plastic bottles are just not healthy and should be avoided at any cost. When I decided to focus on my daily water intake I wanted to make it fun and interesting and went even as far as being proud of my beautiful bottle. Yes, I love my bottle and I must say it really helps me to remember to take it. It’s like a good friend and I don’t want to leave the house without it. So, find yourself a nice re-usable bottle you actually like to use and like to have with you.

Use an app. This is for people who live their life on and with their phone. I have to say I am one of them. Everything is on my phone and I know there is an app for almost everything. Find yourself a good reminder app which will keep you on track wherever you go.

For me it is vital to get reminders especially when I am not sitting at my desk looking at my bottle. I am often on the go and busy thinking about all kind of things but drinking my water. My phone is with me at all time and so will be my app.

Set a timer on your phone Another great way to be reminded is by setting a timer. For me it works best by using my phone. I usually start with filling my bottles and then I take the first to my desk but sometimes I get so busy and focused that I even forget to drink out of the bottle that is sitting right in front of me. This little popup has saved me many times and I was very grateful to have it.

There are many different ways to make sure you are drinking enough water and these are just 5 of them. I am using not just one but all of them and it has changed my life. I love my bottle, love what I put into it but what I love the most is how drinking enough water everyday improved my health and well- being.

Find your fave and enjoy!  Cheers!

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