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Baby's First Meal Plan - Week 3 How To's

If you're following along Baby's First Meal Plan (it's basically 4 weeks of meal plans for your 6 month old baby and guides you week by week on how to introduce solids), this should really take the guess work out of what and how much to prepare.

To get a bird's eye view read How to use the 4 week meal plans for your 6 month old baby. first.


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Week 3


This week we are playing around with the schedule … again!  We will also be adding a second meal.  

In the sample meal plan, it’s as a lunch and dinner, but really there are no “rules” on this.  If you need to add two meals one a 6:30 am and another one for dinner at 6pm, then do that.  The key is to pick two times that work for you and aim for consistency.  Try your best to offer foods as close to those times as possible.

This week, you should also start to see a bit more consistency on baby’s part regarding their naps and nursings or bottle feedings. They will also begin to recognize the bowls of food and the spoon and know what’s coming. It may be early, but your baby will start to “expect’ her solids meal at the set times. 


What to look out for:

This week, one thing I want you to start looking out for is constipation. A baby’s bowel movements can still be erratic, but you want them to have at least one soft bowel movement per day.

A quick primer on constipation  —> to keep the bowels moving you need 3 things WATER, FAT, and FIBER

As we are introducing new foods, we are increasing the fiber amount quite a lot in comparison to what baby was used to having.  This means you’ll have to adjust the “water” and “fat” components.



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