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Baby's First Meal Plan - Week 4 How To's

If you're following along Baby's First Meal Plan (it's basically 4 weeks of meal plans for your 6 month old baby and guides you week by week on how to introduce solids), this should really take the guess work out of what and how much to prepare.


To get a bird's eye view read How to use the 4 week meal plans for your 6 month old baby. first.

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Week 4


This week, we will continue with two meals a day and gently work towards a more consistent schedule.  

Between batch cooking baby’s favourites, making smaller meals for new foods, keeping an eye on your baby’s poop, watching out for any reactions, and getting used to this new schedule it’s a lot to juggle.

Take it easy this week and focus on what needs your attention (dealing with constipated baby, batch cooking baby’s favourites, keeping a better eye on the clock, making purees for the week ahead,or finally getting around to making that bone broth).

If you have not yet tried baby on finger foods, see if you can give it a go this week.  Start with mushy foods that will turn to puree anyways when the tongue squishes them against  the roof of the mouth like steamed apples or pear slices.



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