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Batch Cooking Made Easy

(meal plan)

When you're short on time, decisions about what to eat can get stressful and often times, we will resort to making poor food choices out of convenience.

This is totally fine once in a while...

However, a continuous pattern of doing this can make us feel like crap and will get in the way of us smashing our goals  We can't have that!


Batch cooking is a great way to ensure you nourish  yourself during those busy times when you most need to be ENERGIZED and FEEL YOUR BEST . Batch cooking is making several servings of a few dishes/ingredients and eating them throughout the week.

It doesn't necessarily mean you won't need to step foot in the kitchen all week (although you certainly can plan it out that way), but it will definitely shorten the amount of time you'll spend in there. The key is to freestyle and experiment! 


A crucial part of this cooking method is the skill of repurposing . Repurposing is when you incorporate core ingredients and leftover dishes you've already enjoyed into new dishes. It's helpful because it can get pretty boring eating the same meal day after day.

Repurposing requires CREATIVITY and RESOURCEFULNESS, but with a bit of practice you'll be able to MacGyver some pretty wicked meals!! 

This week's meal plan makes use of a slow cooker to help make batching cooking even easier because you can do it overnight or while you are at work/school. It's a pretty versatile appliance and may be worth the small investment to make your life easier.

Here are the details of how this week's meal plan does it: 

Day Meal Dish

Batch made? or

What is being reinvented? 

Monday Breakfast smoothie    
Snack popcorn mix    
Lunch stir fry    
Dinner chicken thighs, baked potato, & green beans batch made

shred leftover chicken

Tuesday Breakfast apple oatmeal    
Snack date balls & smoothie    
Lunch asian soup  Monday stir fry pour the broth over the stir fry
Dinner Salad batch made lettuce topped with quinoa, bean salad, & guacamole
Wednesday Breakfast smoothie    
Snack popcorn mix batch made  
Lunch lettuce boats with Mexi rice    
Dinner chicken tacos  Monday chicken thighs, Tuesday bean salad & guacamole stuff taco shells with shredded chicken, coleslaw, bean salad, & guacamole
Thursday Breakfast apple oatmeal batch made  
Snack date balls & smoothie batch made  
Lunch quinoa chili & spinach salad Tuesday quinoa omit quinoa in slow cooker, mix leftover cooked quinoa into finished chili
Dinner potato pancakes & green beans Monday baked potatoes & green beans mash half of leftover baked potato to use in potato pancakes recipe
Friday Breakfast egg casserole     
Snack date balls batch made  
Lunch stuffed peppers Wednesday Mexican rice stuff peppers with rice and bake
Dinner salad in a jar  Monday chicken thighs & green beans, Tuesday bean salad & guacamole, Wednesday coleslaw lettuce topped with chicken thighs, coleslaw, bean salad, & green beans
Saturday Breakfast apple oatmeal batch made  
Lunch nachos Tuesday bean salad & guacamole, Thursday chili spoon hot chili over tortilla chips and top with bean salad & guacamole 
Dinner trout, scalloped potatoes, & coleslaw Monday baked potatoes slice other half of leftover baked potato to use in scalloped potatoes recipe
Sunday Breakfast egg casserole batch made  
Lunch rice patties & spinach salad Wednesday Mexican rice after adding patty recipe's ingredients to leftover rice, form into patties and fry until crisp
Dinner trout, scalloped potatoes, & spinach salad Monday baked potatoes, Saturday trout  


                         Batch Cooking Made Easy