Blood Sugar Control


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The following is a temporary diet designed to help recalibrate the body’s sugar control mechanism. It will

increase your energy and vitality if followed closely. It is not a healthy diet for all times, but it is beneficial

for you during a trial period. Most people will lose cravings for unhealthy foods within 1 to 2 weeks. As

your condition improves, we will add other foods back into your diet. This way of eating does take a little

planning, but is well worth the effort. Most people may also lose weight while on this diet without being

hungry. Others who need to gain weight often find their weight will return to normal without much



• Reduce snacking unless otherwise instructed by your practitioner.

• Organic foods are best.

• Eat only whole foods found in nature.

• Include some raw vegetables every day.

• Avoid all processed or packaged foods.


• Proteins: Each meal should include a minimum of 2-6 ounces of protein, but you can have as much

as you desire. Meat, poultry, fish, eggs are unlimited, if no sensitivity exists.

• Vegetables: Eat as much as you desire. You cannot eat too many. Focus on dark, leafy greens and a

variety of colors. Avoid potatoes, yams, and other starchy vegetables like beets or carrots.

• Grains, Beans, and Legumes: Eat no grains, beans, or legumes, including both unrefined or

processed versions.

• Fats: Eat plenty of wholesome, natural fats, such as grass-fed butter, coconut oil, sesame oil, olive

oil, hemp oil, walnut oil, flax oil, etc. Supplementing with fish oils is recommended. Eat no

improperly processed fats or oils, such as hydrogenated oils or vegetable oils.

• Fruits: Leave the sweeter fruits alone, such as bananas, mangos, persimmons, papayas, dried

fruits, etc. One or two pieces of fruit a day is plenty.

• Nuts: Raw, slow roasted, or soaked or sprouted nuts make a great snack, especially raw cashews,

almonds, walnuts, pumpkin seeds, etc.

• Dairy: Full fat, grass-fed, fermented dairy only (e.g. yogurt, kefir), unless you are sensitive to dairy,

in which case you should eliminate it altogether.

• Sweeteners: No sweeteners of any kind. A sweet taste will trigger an insulin response, especially in

carbohydrate-sensitive people; this includes artificial sweeteners and stevia.

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