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Coping with Chocolate Cravings Worksheet


Coping with Chocolate Cravings Worksheet


It's helpful to have strategies at hand to manage chocolate cravings or any cravings, for that matter.  Just like there's strategies to stop gambling, alcohol/drugs, cigarettes, etc... food cravings also need to have strategies in place. 

The following strategies may be helpful for you – why not even try them all together for the best results!


Strategy #1 - The Delay Strategy

If you have a chocolate craving, give yourself some time before you give in to it.   A great way to do this is by setting an alarm - try anywhere from 5 to 30 minutes.   The longer you wait, the more likely you are to resist the craving since it most likely will pass with time.  I use this strategy a lot & I hardly ever give in.

Determine what amount of time is your game plan?  (Write it down here.)                                                          

Did that amount of work?  (Circle one.)        Yes           No

If no, what amount of time will you need to try next time:                                                                       

Strategy #2 - The Distract Strategy

While you are delaying, find something to do that will occupy your thoughts and attention. You may find it helpful to do something physical.  i.e. take a walk, take a shower, go for a swim, play with the dog, etc.

List some things you can do to distract yourself: 





Strategy #3 - The Decide Strategy 

After the set amount of time, ask or remind yourself why you don't want to give in to the craving.   Then make a conscious decision not to engage in this unhealthy behaviour called "a craving".

Write out your good reasons to indulge:


Then write out your good reasons NOT to indulge:

Why do you really want to stop?


What are your goals?


Give these a try when the next chocolate craving comes along OR do the worksheet ASAP so that you can tackle that craving without it blindsiding you.  😊

Please let me know how it goes or what worked best for you!  

Coach Sue