Let your creativity with cooking season your life!!

Getting Started

Here is a brief overview of this meal planning platform run by Your Total Health Experience and hosted here at Meal Garden. By having a log-in, you will have access to more features and have greater flexibility with the meal plans I provide for you.

Please take the time to fill in information in your profile; this will help both you, as the client, and me, as the provider. I will step you through some aspects of your account in this article but I want to point out that there is a chat box in the bottom right corner of your page in which you can ask questions from the experts at Meal Garden or type key words into the search box for answers to basic questions.

When you log into your account, you will arrive at your materials board where all your meal plans, recipes, and reading material created by me has been placed. To return here from any other section simply click on my name (Melissa J. Cornish CHHC, CA) in the top bar of your account. You will find everything you need here to quickly and easily access your meal plans, recipes, and shopping lists.

When you select a meal plan you will see, day by day, pictures of all the meals and snacks planned for each day. Click on a picture to view the recipe; you will see a reminder of the day and meal for which it is scheduled as well as the day and meal for which it is scheduled as leftovers.

You will find a lot of options to choose from including a print option. You can print the entire week’s meal plan, recipe and shopping list from inside the meal plan, or you can print recipes individually from inside the recipe itself.

You also have the ability to create a cookbook of your own which is separate from what I post on your materials board. When you are viewing a recipe from the meal plan, you can save it to your own cookbook for future use. That way you can be sure to keep only the recipes that you really love. Select the Cookbook tab in the top bar of your page to view recipes that you have saved.

On your materials board you will find a Recipe Collection section. This is where I can add groups of recipes that are outside of your meal plan that fit your dietary needs. You can use these recipes as substitutes for other recipes in the meal plan. This can be done several ways, but the most direct is from the recipe page. By selecting More Options, a window will open. Select Schedule, page to the week you want to schedule it, and select the meal you want to add it to (this can be helpful if you are planning for a party or guests). You can remove any meal from the meal plan by selecting the one you want to remove, clicking on More Options, and then Remove from Schedule.

You can also add to or substitute meals from recipes in your Cookbook. When you do this, you will have the option to change the number of servings for the recipe. There are two other ways to change the number of servings in a recipe. When viewing a recipe, under More Options select Make a Copy; this will open the recipe for making modifications to the ingredients as well as changing the number of servings. All recipes found in Meal Garden were created with a specific number of servings. Recipes placed by me on your materials board and in your meal plans are based on your preference of number of servings, whether you are cooking just for one or a family of five. When viewing the recipe, you will see how many servings the recipe originally had. By selecting Show Original, the recipe will automatically change quantities. This is extremely helpful when cooking batch items such as muffins, pizza, etc.

Finally, please take the time to complete your profile. Under Account at the top of your page, your will find a page that has several tabs including General, Diet, My Family, My Community, and Notifications. This page is also where you can Log Out. The information that you enter here will ensure that I can properly contact you. It also allows me to see any dietary restrictions that you or your family may have, along with other important information.

If you ever need to contact me directly, you will find my contact information at the bottom of your materials board.

One last note: This platform is mobile friendly so you can take it anywhere including the grocery store! Now, let’s get cooking :-).