Prepared by Leah Somers

In Love With Turmeric

~I use Turmeric in almost EVERYTHING I cook. It is so mild the kids have NO idea!!

Turmeric’s Beneficial Effects in a Nutshell

Strengthens and improves digestion

Reduces gas and bloating

Assists in the digestion of protein and with rice and bean dishes

Improves your body's ability to digest fats

Promotes proper metabolism, correcting both excesses and deficiencies

Maintains and improves intestinal flora

Improves elimination of wastes and toxins

Supports healthy liver function and detox

Turmeric helps increase bile flow making it a liver cleanser that can rejuvenate your liver cells and recharge their capability to break down toxins

Helps to prevent alcohol and other toxins from being converted into compounds that may be harmful to your liver

Supports formation of healthy tissue

Purifies your blood

Stimulates formation of new blood tissue

Anti-inflammatory: Helps to reduce irritation to tissues characterized by pain, redness, swelling and heat

Contains curcuminoids that fight cancer, arthritis, and Alzheimer’s~

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