Prepared by Lauren Hess

Beat the Heat Green Juice

I live in Austin, TX. And boy howdy, it is HOT. We're talking two weeks straight of over 100 degree heat hot. With humidity.

There's not much you can do - mostly, I just try to embrace it and all the sweaty glory! But along with early morning walks and swimming, I have found some refreshing ways to beat the summer heat.

With just 3-ingredients, this is an easy an inexpensive way to hydrate and help stay cool. Make it in the morning before a day of activity, or to cool down post sun exposure. 


Cucumber, a classic for cooling down the body, is also great for the skin, digestion and urinary tract. 

Celery is also great for regulating body temperature and works as a nervine that helps to relax you.

Green apple, along with being a good source of fiber,  has a tart & sweet flavor that melds perfectly with the celery and cucumber.

Check out the recipe here! 

Beat the Heat Green Juice









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