Prepared by Sara Bradford

A Kicking Coffee Protocol

Giving Up The RUSH

The dark days of winter make it oh-so difficult to see life without this dark and lovely beverage. It’s a powerful mood enhancer, and makes you feel so ALIVE first thing in the morning. And it replaces the need for finding energy from a less intense but easy source.

So… why give up coffee?

Quitting is definitely a challenge. A worthy challenge but one nonetheless. Though you will be amazed at the amount of energy you feel when you’ve gotten over the hump. You will feel a steadier energy, but also experience less inflammation, and healthier hormones.

Why give up coffee

1. Very dehydrating — due to it’s diuretic qualities

2. Causes inflammation, which can lead to painful joints and muscles, or even disease

3. Very acidic — provides a good “gut rot” any chance it can get

4. Excessively heating in the body

5. Wrecks havoc on your adrenals — if you weren’t already stressed enough

6. Not to mention your liver and kidneys...

7. Sleep disruptor — all you need is one night of insomnia to remember that forever

8. Blood sugar monster — makes you skip breakfast, and reduces your ability to give up sugar (as you may begin to CRAVE sugar when your blood sugar drops)

9. Hormone disruptor — so often I hear menstruation improving after giving it up

10. Chemicals & pesticides, unless sourced organically

11. Unless you’re buying direct or fair-trade coffee beans, the coffee bean industry rarely pays quality wages to workers

But what about withdrawal? Eek

Withdrawal is a normal response when reducing or removing coffee. Understand…there really IS a difference between what our bodies crave and what we are actually addicted to. If our body longs for bread or coffee or sugar, this obviously isn’t healthy. But sometimes we are being sent a message. Like when our body suddenly needs red meat or a certain colour of vegetable. Or even chocolate right before our menstrual cycle (magnesium). Our body is TALKING to us. We want to get to the place where we read these signals and can understand the difference between a craving and a message.

As long as you’re drinking copious amounts of coffee, it’s going to be difficult to make this happen.

Withdrawal Symptoms & Relief

Symptoms can include fatigue, headaches (very common) and depression. There are natural ways to help reduce these symptoms:

  • tennis ball head massages
  • Restorative yoga poses
  • hot Epsom salt baths
  • going for a walk
  • peppermint essential oil, or a good blend, for inhaling or placing a dab on your forehead may also relieve symptoms
  • homeopathic stress formula may help
  • Dandy Blend: It’s “pretend” coffee — but good for you, too
  • Matcha Green Tea Latte: Brew with steamed almond or coconut milk
  • Nut Milk Chai: Comforting — Drink hot or cold
  • Herbal Tea: Explore and sample in specialty tea shops — and a good green tea will do wonders for providing just enough caffeine to help you through withdrawal
  • no sugar
  • sourced from fair or direct trade
  • grind beans yourself to keep fresher (do not freeze)
  • brewing better: espresso is the best option
  • additional fat: coconut oil, grass-fed butter
  • dairy? raw or organic cream — or better yet…coconut cream, whipped

Coffee Substitutes

Sure…these can help with that creamy, comforting feeling, as well as sub in some flavour or mild caffeine. Try one or all of the following:


One-Week Protocol: (7 days)

  • Day One: Have a regular cup of coffee. If you have another blend it 50-50 with decaf
  • Day Two - Four: Blend you coffee 50-50 with decaf
  • Day Five - Six: Have 25% regular, 75% decaf
  • Day Seven: Eliminate completely, or substitute with green tea, or Yerba mate
  • Day One: Blend coffee 50-50 with decaf
  • Day Two: Blend coffee 25-75 with decaf
  • Day Three: Eliminate completely

Weekend Protocol: (3 days)

Not Giving It Up?

IF you decide your life is a terrible place to be without it and you refuse to say good-bye — then consider how to make drinking it in a healthier way.

This will help:

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