Chapter One: Easy Fast Good

Caprese Salad

Pesto White Bean Salad

Rainbow Egg Rice

Chicken Kabob

Nicoise Salad

Loaded Bean Salad

Winter Fruit Salad




Chapter Two: The Sandwich & The Un-Sandwich

Grilled Cheese Soldiers

Avocado Egg Salad

Cream Cheese & Chia Jam Rolls

Chicken Pesto

Chicken Salad


Bread-Free Sandwich Wrappers

Bite-Sized Calzone




Chapter Three: Thermos Heaven

Tomato Soup

Lovely Lentil Soup

Minestrone Soup

White Chili

Immunity Soup & Bone Broth

A Roasted Chicken For Thermos Recipes




Chapter Four: Breakfast For Lunch

Egg Cups

Overnight Gingerbread Muesli

Carrot Slushy Smoothie

Pumpkin Pie Smoothie

Gingerbread Smoothie

Maple Vanilla Brown Rice Pudding

Kid-Happy Chocolate Chia Pudding




Chapter Five: Oodles Of Noodles

No-Nut Peanut Noodles

One-Veggie Pesto Noodles

Sesame Asian Noodles

Easy Mac & Cheese



Chapter Six: For The Adventurous

Chicken Napa Salad

Polenta Fingers




Chapter Seven: Snacky McSnackerson

Peach Honey Fruit Leather

Fruity Yogurts

Bits N Bites

Three Snack Crackers: Cheese, Buttermilk Spelt, Pulp

Pumpkin Hummus

Roasted Chickpeas




Chapter Eight: Slurp City

Hot or Cold Cocoa Syrup

Purple People Eater & Green Goblin Juices




Chapter Nine: The Healthy Sweet Tooth

Granola Bar Love

Pound Cake Bites

Carrot Banana Muffins

Blueberry Ricotta Muffins

Pumpkin Chocolate Cookies

Hippy Rice Chocolate Snack Bars

Jello Gummy Goodness






Chapter One





Ah yes, there really are a few dishes out there that are SO INCREDIBLY EASY to make - they deserve their own chapter. This easy-peasy chapter is meant to give you space to really throw something together in a super jiffy - OR get THEM in the kitchen preparing themselves.

Yeah, that’s right!! Even that! So let’s start there.



Easy Fast Food



Chapter Two








If the sandwich is your fall-back then you’d be considered normal. In fact, my kids take one at LEAST once a week, and I know many kids who eat one every single day. Who does’t love The Sandwich?

However, there are still kids out there who do NOT eat The Sandwich, will NEVER eat The Sandwich, or perhaps CANNOT eat The Sandwich (due to allergies or other health reasons). That doesn’t mean there is nothing here for them.

Sandwiches can be represented in other ways. By rolling it, or wrapping it. Perhaps THAT is when it is time to think OUTSIDE the box.

This chapter focused on the delightful simplicity of a sandwich, and how to make one for those kiddies who can’t eat bread.

Keep in mind…when you are sending sandwiches to school…there are mini risks associated with sending sandwiches daily. If you choose to do this, look for ways to rotate the grains in the bread — rye one day, whole wheat the next. Sourdough is really your best option, as the grains have been properly soaked and fermented — giving you and your little ones the best digestive options when consuming grains.

Also, consider making your own. A timely process, but not as complicated as one may think.


The Sandwich & The Un-Sandwich



Chapter Three





Well, think about this: You’re out of bread, or there’s nothing to stuff INTO bread. Or you don’t have time to fuss around and making something exciting.

However, you have piles of leftovers. Leftovers your kids will possibly even eat. AND…it is cold outside.

In this case, it doesn’t get much better. A good quality thermos is something each child should have at least ONE of. And it will come in handy so much.

Sending leftovers is also a huge time-saver — you’re making many meals at once. And suddenly your List of Ideas just got that much bigger.

How To Keep a Thermos Hot:

Best Lunchbox Thermos’s - A Review:



Thermos Heaven




Chapter Four




Breakfast For Lunch is kind of like Breakfast For Dinner…it’s a bit of a novelty AND it’s a great thing to do in emergencies.

Eggs of any kind are in this category for me. I LOVE EGGS FOR KIDS. They are packed with protein, the GOOD kind of fat, satisfying, easy…all the good stuff.

With that said a decent breakfast in the morning will go a LOOOONG way. Some of these items are ALSO great out-the-door breakfasts. So maybe breakfast can be for breakfast AND lunch.



Breakfast For Lunch



Chapter Five




This is why I don’t understand the non-sandwich dilemma. NOODLES. There are always noodles. And the varieties are endless.

Can’t eat gluten? You’ve only got brown rice, buckwheat (soba), mung bean, lentil, kelp, sweet potato to choose from.

Can’t eat starch? You’ve got a pile of vegetables that turn into noodles in an instant. (Zucchini, Sweet Potato, Carrot)

Bored of fusilli? You’ve got spaghetti, bow ties, and countless other shapes to choose from.

Though processed, it is fun to include noodles in the lunchbox. It helps everything to think outside the same old, every day ideas. And the versatility is amazing.



Oodles of Noodles



Chapter Six




You know the kid. The one that shocks everyone at parties. The one that eats raw oysters and goes over to friends houses and asks the moms for Thai food. Some kids do NOT have overly sensitive palates. They are the fun ones. You can throw a lot of stuff at them. And chances are, even if they don’t like it they will eat it anyway.

The food here is NOT OVERLY adventurous. But it does go a little outside the box. You could likely try any kid with them eventually.



For the Adventurous




Chapter Seven




Snacks are more important than you might think. Their quality is more essential than even the “main course” sometimes. Because chances are, it is ALL some kids are ever gonna eat. No matter what you send.

So instead of fretting about it — make snack time the MOST nutritious part of the lunchbox. Why not?!

What you NEED to consider when sending snacks:

Are they void of weird, hard-to-pronounce preservatives?

Do they contain any form of nutrition?

Do they pack a mean punch of protein or at least a little?

Is the fat in them a quality version?

Will they make my child happy?

Are they fun or full of colour?

If you answered YES to 5 out of 6 of these questions then…HOORAY!




Chapter Eight




Yep. It’s true. Water is THE best liquid to pack into the lunchbox. For sure!! But sometimes you’ve got to switch things up. And the cool thing is…you don’t have to think of it as a beverage. Consider it part of the entire package. Like a smoothie!!! You could drink it for breakfast. So make sure your liquid babies pop a mean punch of nutrition — AND keep your kids happy at the same time.



Slurp City



Chapter Nine




This rides right along with snacks and breakfast. Is it something that is going to satisfy your kids sweet tooth? BUT…not send your children’s blood sugar FLYING?

Sweet treats don’t EVER have to be that unhealthy. There is ALWAYS something you can do to make them ULTRA-AWESOME. Not just in flavour but in their quality, as well.

Consider subbing in your refined sugars for natural ones. Though they are still considered SUGAR, they also contain some valuable nutrients, don’t wreck the same havoc on your blood sugar and because they are naturally “sweeter” you tend to use less of them in baking.

When sending something sweet, make sure there are other things to help balance out all that sugar. A bit of protein, some good quality fat, whole grains versus white flour — can go a long way.

One more thing…flour DOES go rancid. If you use a lot of flour make sure to store it somewhere cool, like a fridge or freezer. Better yet, invest in a small flour mill and grind it fresh right before use. You will be surprised how much nicer it tastes. Sprouted flour is taking it one step further — that’s what I use when I can. Keep most grains and nuts or seeds in freezer and extend their life significantly.


The Healthy Sweet Tooth