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Baby's First Meal Plan - Week 1 How To's

If you're following along Baby's First Meal Plan (it's basically 4 weeks of meal plans for your 6 month old baby), this should really take the guess work out of what and how much to prepare.

To get a bird's eye view read How to use the 4 week meal plans for your 6 month old baby. first.


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Week 1


This week we will only have 1 feeding per day and introduce 3 foods.

Keep your nursing or formula schedule the same.  We’ll introduce solids around it.

At 6 months not all babies will have a set schedule.  Most will have a pretty good pattern.  We all know that baby’s naps can easily vary plus or minus 1 hour, be flexible and follow your baby’s cues. The Baby's First Meal Plan companion PDF goes into a more detailed strategy on how to gently move baby on a "schedule" or as I like to say it, a pattern.

This is such an exciting time, but I know it can also be overwhelming.  Just keep things simple and enjoy watching your little one explore these new flavours and sensations.  Don't expect your baby to eat, Some babies can hardly take a spoonful while other will gulp everything you prepared. Just let them set the pace.



Make sure you download the companion PDF here.

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Baby's First Bites - 6 months Week 1

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