Head-Heart-Gut Nourishment.

AIP Elimination Diet

This plant-centered meal plan is 100% compliant to the AIP diet. This diet is used to put symptoms of autoimmune disease into remission and help heal your intestinal lining. Depending on the individual eliminating fruits and sweetener completely may not be entirely necessary. This meal plan keeps them to an absolute minimum.

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3 medium


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Artichoke hearts, canned

2 heart

Broccoli florets

5 florets


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Kiki Athanas
Kiki Athanas
Food Mindset Mentor

Kiki Athanas is the guiding light behind making wellness easy for you. She has built her Mind Body Beauty signature program around helping people overcome their perfectionism around health. She teaches people how to become the loving nutritionist, trainer, therapist and ultimately "life coach" they need to be for themselves - just as she did for herself. After letting her own perfectionistic ways send her into a state of total burn out, orthorexia, and a loss of who she was and what truly made her happy - she decided to “surrender” to self-compassion and subscribe to a method of eating she now teaches as “truthful eating”. Working with multiple brain integration techniques, positive & energy psychology, and practicing at the intersection of neuroscience and law of attraction, she applied specific mindfulness modalities to break emotional eating habits, find the joy in exercise, and ultimately live life in balance and with a strong sense of freedom. Kiki is on a mission to prove that prioritizing your wellness and achieving your optimal health doesn’t need to feel like an unsustainable pursuit of hard work, and that loving your mind, body, and life is your choice - and 100% possible.