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AIP Elimination Diet

This plant-centered meal plan is 100% compliant to the AIP diet. This diet is used to put symptoms of autoimmune disease into remission and help heal your intestinal lining. Depending on the individual eliminating fruits and sweetener completely may not be entirely necessary. This meal plan keeps them to an absolute minimum.

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Mindfully Exponential
Mindfully Exponential

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Hi! I'm Kiki: longevity enthusiast and true believer in the "power of the mind". Throughout the past few years, I've dedicated my life to researching and learning from wellness guru's, nutritional experts, and progressive entrepreneurs who are bringing a more full, happy, mindful life into the present.

One of my main passions is food & nutrition - presented in a way that is kind, fun, and personalized to the individual (because we all thrive on different foods!). I have Certification from David Wolfe's Nutrition Program, and have completed (and actively continue to do so) Naturopathic Medicine courses at UofT, to support my advice and guidance.


If you're up for a new, healthier, happier relationship with food. You're in the right place.

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