Kiki Athanas
Kiki Athanas
Food Freedom Expert

I help women in wellness who are dealing with:

  1. Food Bipolarism,

  2. Diet Swinging, and

  3. The Starve-Binge Cycle

Solve their obsession with eating (or not eating!) so that they can look & actually feel like the healthy woman they dream of being.


Recipe Collections

36 result(s):

Alkaline Recipes
Allergy-Free Recipes
Beauty Foods
Breakfast Jars!
Bulletproof Recipes
Candida-Cleanse Diet - Breakfasts
Candida-Cleanse Diet - Desserts
Candida-Cleanse Diet - Lunch/Dinner
Candida-Cleanse Diet - Snacks
David Avocado Wolfe Recipes
Dehydrator-Friendly Recipes
Detoxification-Support Recipes
Digestive Tonics
Eating for Estrogen Health
Fat Bombs
Fermentation for the Nation!
Golden Milk Recipe Roundup
Greek Recipes Made Veggie-Friendly
Head Strong Breakfasts
Head Strong Dinners
Head Strong Lunches
Head Strong Treats + Snacks
Heart Chakra Nourishing Recipes
Keto Meals That Last - Batch Cook One Day, Eat All Week
Kimchi Recipes
Low Histamine
Naturally Nourished Recipes
One-pot, Easy prep, ‘No Chef Skills Req’ Keto Meals
Plant-Based Keto Meals
Porridge Beyond Your Imagination
Prenatal Recipes
Salad-In-A-Jar Recipes Roundup
Smoothie Bowls!
"Sprouted" Meals
Whole Hearted Juice Cleanse

Meal Plans

28 result(s):

Adrenal Fatigue Meal Plan
AIP Elimination Diet
Detoxification Support
Dr. Mercola Approved
Full Vegan
GAPS Diet Meal Plan
Healing Acne [Medical Medium Protocol]
Healthy Pregnancy Plan
Healthy Vegan: 10 Ingredients or Less
Hormone Balancing
Inspiration from GOOP
Inspiration from The Happy Pear
Introductory Keto
Ketogenic Meal Plan
Kidney Cleanse Plan
Liver Cleanse
Low Histamine Diet
Medical Medium Healing Cleanse
Medical Medium Meal Plan
No Frills Vegan Meal Prep
Plant Based High Iron Meal Plan
Raw Vegan
Smoothie Cleanse
Vegan Anti-Candida
Vegan & Gut-Friendly
Vegan Keto
Vegan Plan
Whole 30 Meal Plan

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