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Composed by: Kiki Athanas

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This meal plan contains recipes from Dr. Joseph Mercola's website: recipes.mercola.com/ where he advocates for a ketogenic, whole-foods diet.


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Kiki Athanas
Holistic Health Advocate at Mindfully Edible

Here's what years of dieting + work in the wellness world has taught me:


Healthy eating can be confusing, stressful and challenging - but it can also be really simple.


The first step is changing your mindset. 


My passion lies in helping you make "Mindfully Edible" choices that have you loving food just as much as yourself!

It's not a "quick fix" or a fail-proof way to drop 10 pounds in 30 days, but after years of working with hundreds of people looking to change the way they look and feel through diet, combined with my own experiences and research on just about every diet out there - I've realized there's only one "real" way to do it: 

Stop giving up your power to food.

It's a shift to seeing food in a more positive light, and I'm excited to share my journey with you here; to inspire the kind, mindful life you deserve - and are already perfectly capable of mastering.



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