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Eating the right foods during pregnancy is important for your baby's health, as well as your own. When choosing ingredients, opt for the BEST quality you can find. This includes: organic produce, organic meats, wild fish and non-GMO everything!

Tip: When you see "canned" for things like chickpeas or beans, opt for cooking your own as much as possible to avoid using cans due to possible aluminum leaching.

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Kiki Athanas
Kiki Athanas
Holistic Health Coach & Mindfulness Educator

For wellness lifestyle - that actually fits your lifestyle, meet Kiki.

A holistic lifestyle advocate, educator, retreat & workshop host, journalist, and speaker. Join Kiki as she explores the latest and greatest in progressive wellness, including nutrition, movement, mindfulness, & spirituality, to discover hacks and insight to living your best life - EVER!

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