Lose Weight N.O.W.

It may surprise you to hear this from a nutrition authority, but I don’t believe in “diets”, calorie counting or numbers on a scale! Rather, my philosophy is a sustainable lifestyle approach to healthy eating, weight loss, and optimal nutrition for vibrant health.

There is a lot of noise around healthy eating these days. The fads, labels and health claims make it difficult to decipher the legitimate messages from the popular-culture-food-trends. The noise is distracting, contradictory and full of mixed-messages! It’s not surprising that you’re confused – I am too!

No matter which label, diet, fad or program you align with, WHOLE FOODS are at the cornerstone of my approach, guidance and philosophy!

It’s time to Lose Weight N.O.W! – That is,
NUTRITION for OPTIMAL Health using WHOLE Foods!

Meals that Matter
Meals that Matter
Culinary Nutrition Expert

Meet Kristine Peacock, Culinary Nutrition Expert! Kristine is the Culinary Nutrition Expert behind www.MealsthatMatter.ca. With over 10 years of teaching experience as an elementary school educator, Kristine is passionate about Health, Nutrition and Fitness! As a widow and busy Mother to 3 little girls, she is committed to Inspiring Healthy Living with Simple, Scratch Cooking, using Whole Foods, to Promote Optimal Health through Nutrition for the Entire Family!  Meals that Matter offers a variety of Online Nutrition programs, Live Workshops & Cooking Classes, and 1:1 Nutrition Consulting. Connect with Kristine at kristine@mealsthatmatter.ca