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Enjoy the summer bounty of fresh basil with these recipes. Yum-O!!!

FoodTastic Health - Paula Yolles
FoodTastic Health - Paula Yolles
Eat Just Right For You™ Body Wellness for Health Conscious Women

Meet Paula Yolles


A Body-Mind-Food Freedom Wellness Coach



Do you feel uncomfortable after you eat? 
Is your brain consumed with negative chatter about your body?

Does Food Consume Your Life?


Paula’s on a mission to

help busy women

take back their body health (for good!).


She doesn't tell them what to eat and what not to eat 

(No one likes being on a restrictive diet).  


Instead, Paula listen, ask questions and 

give information about body-mind-food health, 

and supports each woman to take the best action step 

for her individual body with ease and alignment 

so she has that “Yes I Can” success

leading to being energized, healthy, fit and

feeling happy in her body, mind & with her food.



If you’d like to be in a community with other women 

on their path to vibrant body-mind-food health than 


Join the FREE

Hello to Health Sisterhood

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I’ll be in there cheerleading you on and 

ready to answer your questions.


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