FoodTastic Digestive Health - Paula Yolles
FoodTastic Digestive Health - Paula Yolles
Eat Just Right For You™ Digestive Wellness for Health Conscious Women

Meet Paula Yolles


A FoodTastic Digestive Health Wellness Expert



Do you feel uncomfortable after you eat? 
Bloating? Acid Reflux? 

Constipation? Belching?



Does Digestion Consume Your Life?


Paula’s on a mission to

help health-conscious women

take back their digestion (for good!).


She guides them with the

Eat Just Right for You™ Method

so the women can get back to feeling

healthy and vibrant from the inside out,

and live a happy energized life.



Get Paula's FREE Happy Belly Blueprint

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and learn

How to Avoid 3 Massive Mistakes that

Keep Even Health-Conscious Women

Struggling with Digestive Issues,

Bathroom Challenges & Weight Gain







Paula offers guidance in

healing digestive issues

using a combination of self-care, 

healthy meal-prep and cooking,

and healthful living.


Let Paula show you how easy it can be,

so you can eat with confidence and

feel FanTastic in all parts your life.




Ready to take action to heal your digestion? 

Schedule a Complimentary

Happy Belly Next Step Conversation


You'll end the conversation with a

Happy Belly Action Plan 

of what to do next to

start creating the digestive health

you truly desire & deserve.







What People are Saying about FoodTastic Health



Resources to inspire women

with digestive struggles so

they can eat FoodTastically

& feel FanTastic from the inside out.

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