Jonny Barden: Blood-Sugar Balanced

These recipes are specifically chosen for their blood-sugar balancing effects. They are high in good fats and will provide satiety for longer. The goal is to prevent rollercoaster blood-sugar spikes and falls. It contains slow-releasing energy such as complex carbs, high in clean protein and healthy fats and fibre to slow down energy release, Ideal for those with sugar cravings, insomnia, Diabetes I and II and anyone wanting to maintain healthy energy levels.

Nicole Nutrition
Nicole Nutrition
Nicole Di Nardo, Registered Holistic Nutritionist

Diets are out. Lifestyle Changes are IN. The key to seeing significant change in your health is FLAVOUR. Your food has to taste good in order to be a sustainable change. It should also make you feel good. Increase energy, better mood, sleep and of course, weight loss. As a registered holistic nutritionist and chef, this is my passion. To help you reach your personal health goals through education, motivation, and delicious food. I'll show you how to indulge and anticipate every meal while loving the effects it has both mentally and physically.