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RD Candidate

I am so happy to be part of a community that shares the same passion for food as me! As I am completing a dietetic internship, Meal Garden serves as an amazing resources for recipes and meal plans during my day-to-day work, Before even learning about Meal Garden, I struggled to plan meals for one person only since I live alone. I was getting into a rut of preparing the same recipes over and over again or opting to go out for food due to the convenience or social allure. When I found Meal Garden the two things that excited me the most about the tool was the HUGE variety of recipes in the database and the scheduling feature of the tool. I use the tool mainly for recipe inspiration. I get many new ideas for my weekly meal plan so my diet is much less boring and repetitive and I am now more organized in my weekly meal planning! Joining the Meal Garden community has been great for my career and also my personal lifestyle. I now work with a group of amazing people who are equally as committed to health and wellness as I am and I am looking forward to developing this tool to help our users meet their goals.


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