Prenatal Meal Plan

Everything that you consume, your baby gets too! Make sure that you incorporating the highest quality foods into your diet. That means organic fruits and vegetables, organic grass-fed meats, wild fish, etc.

Wherever you see "canned" such as with chickpeas, you can cook your own to limit your use of canned products to avoid possible aluminum leaching.

Note: If you are using whey protein, make sure it is from a good quality source that is grass-fed. Also, if you are dairy free you can substitute whey protein for hemp protein, pea protein, or any other vegan protein source.

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Sandra Augustin
Sandra Augustin
Gym Owner, SASS Fitness & Pro Fitness Competitor, IFBB

As a gym owner and fitness competitor, I have found that diet is equally important as exercise to achieve success in fitness and health, so MealGarden and I have partnered to create a profile to help busy female athletes achieve their goals. Whether you are an amateur or professional, all female athletes have “a lot on their plate”. Preparing high performance meals for yourself and then planning additional meals for the family is time consuming , but I have chosen and modified recipes and meal plans from the MealGarden cookbook that you and your picky family will enjoy.

Secrets for Success

When "eating-on-the-go" I am always amazed at how frequently I hear, “It’s too hard for me to eat healthy with my lifestyle”. Preparation is the key to success with anything we do in life; taking time out to do some research, cooking and packing can save you calories and even money! Fast Food With over 800 locations nationwide, Chipotle gives the customer complete control over what goes into their burrito, taco, or salad. Additionally, you get to build it with fresh, local ingredients and spicy foods invoke a thermogenic response (natural fat burners)!

SASS Secret: Order the Burrito Bowl, which lets you skip the tortilla. Add beans and a DOUBLE serving of meat, HOLD the cheese and sour cream, but add the guacamole. Lastly, ask for a To-Go bowl on the side. Before you sit down to eat, put half of your order in the To-Go bowl, seal it up, and save it for your next meal!

On the plane I’m always paranoid I’m going to get stuck on the tarmac for hours on end without food and water, so I bring a meal to eat on the plane AND bring an extra for “just in case”. Since ice packs and liquids aren’t allowed through security, I freeze one meal to act as my ice pack to keep the second meal cool and fresh until I eat it.

SASS Secret: Pack a protein shaker cup even if you don’t pack protein powder. Once you get through security, you can fill your cup with ice and/or water at the self-serve drink stations.

For business meals, go on-line and research the restaurant menu. Determine their best option for you, or if you need to make an unusually large amount of substitutions, call the restaurant in advance and ask if the chef can make these changes for you. The hardest part about eating at a nice restaurant is saying “no” to the bread and chips placed on the table. If you are dining with a business colleague, excuse yourself to go to the restroom and ask your server to place the basket as far from you as possible. For the meal itself, order a large salad with the dressing on the side, lean protein and grilled vegetables—just remember to ask for the vegetables AND protein without sauces.

SASS Secret: Ask your server for a side of balsamic vinegar (not vinaigrette) and olive oil for your salad, vegetables, and in some cases, your protein. Balsamic vinegar will not only add flavor, but it’s a natural meat tenderizer (great for lean cuts of beef) and fat burner.

In the car, especially on long road trips, the key is to keep an ice chest packed with bite-sized finger-foods. If it’s a long (in distance) drive, place one meal within reach and the rest of the food in the trunk or back of the car. Keeping the food far out of reach will ensure that you don’t indulge in mindless eating and it will remind you to stop and stretch your legs and spine every few hours.

SASS Secret: Wear a bib!

Fitness Tips

"Getting Started" When starting on your fitness journey, just "a jog around the block" can seem daunting; don't freak yourself out before you even start! Be proud of your decision to make a change and I'll be there for you every step of the way.